Friday, June 6, 2008

Creating Quiz on Wiki

Hey felllas....Gotta new thing to learn ..Did you ever think of creating quizzes and learning materials on wiki page. I learned that today and will be writing you some bits and bytes about it. The good thing about these quizes are that its easily to develop requires very less effort if you have the soft copy of the material and solves the purpose of learining through quizzing. you can also see the score after taking the quiz along with the feedback on the correct and incorrect answer depending upon how much effort has the quiz creator put up there. The best part is that it being a wiki is easily editable by many peopele and many people can post their inputs and feedback allowing it grow bit by bit.

I created this 8 series of Sentence Correction quiz yesterday for GMAT takers.
Its easy to take and you can reset it when you are done. Every quiz contains the link to the next quiz. I'll keep posting some more stuff like this as a part of opensource/open knowledge personal initiative.

Tips to create quiz on wikiversity:
Step 1: Starting a new page on wikiversity:
Step 2: In te editor, start with

{ enter question here ......}
+ correct choice
feedback *** optional
- false choice ** optional
- false choice

more formatting info available at:
Step 3: Save the page
Step 4: Your wiki quiz is ready.


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