Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Web 2.0 companies that seem interesting..

I'm back with all my explorations for past couple of days.......
I see lot of web2.0 companies coming up. Though they are not very big, but are redefining the web media.

KRONOMY - It provides you the ability to create a timeline for your life or product's life. Its very much similar to
See Apple Computer's timeline on Kronomy

SNAPSHOTS - It gives the snapshot of the webpage connected to the hyperlink without clicking on that link. The good thing is that just by moving the mouse over the link, you can see the snapshot of the link. Its very helpful and free service to get your website or blog registered on it.

VISUALCV - Perfect site to make your resume. Very professional and extremely useful to make your resume look much more informative than traditional resume.

DELVER - very useful search engine for searching people on all social networks at a go.

ALLTOP - good site for collection of best sites on a particular topic.

CRITICAT - rate your workplace, your manager and anybody in the workplace.

Will keep writing as I explore something new.......