Monday, November 2, 2009

Updated Version of SEOBook by Aaron Wall

After working in the Internet marketing industry for last six months, I still feel Aaron Wall's SEO Book is still the best book written for an e-commerce company. It not only covers different aspects of Search Engine Optimization but also covers how you should think if you are running an e-commerce company. Feel free to download the copy of the SEOBook.

I'll keep reading the book and keep updating the post. Feel free to leave your comments and enjoy the copy of the book. I hope Aaron doesn't mind as he makes much more money by SEO consulting :)

The best quote from the book so far is:

"Do not let others fool you into thinking you need their help, or that you need to be part of their network to succeed. A few years ago I knew nothing about the web or marketing, was kicked out of the military for using drugs, had few social connections, and had to backdate a credit card to have money to live on. A few years later money is of no concern to me."